Are all your products vegan?
We try our best to source every product from a vegan, eco-friendly, cruelty-free. However, not all manufacturers are able to verify their entire supply chain.

Where are your products made?
We source products made in Canada whenever possible.

Can I return any used mason jar?
No. We can only pick up Less Waste Co jars that your products were delivered in.

I live in a condo. How does delivery and pick up work?
Give us your buzzer number, and we’ll leave your order at your door. 
If you are returning jars, please put your jars on your door before 10AM on delivery day.
For more information, visit our How It Works page.

What days do you deliver?
We do deliveries on Sunday between 10AM-3PM.
For more information, visit our How It Works page.

Where do you deliver to

Green Zone:
(Jane St/Windemere Ave to Bloor/Danforth/Davenport to Woodbine to Lake Ontario)
- Free delivery over $35
- Flat $5 delivery fee under $35

Blue Zone:
(Dundas St. W to 427/Brown's Line)
(Hwy 400/Jane St to Steeles Ave to DVP/Woodbine to Bloor/Danforth/Davenport)
(O'Connor/St. Clair to Victoria Park Ave.)
- Flat $5 delivery fee on all orders

What size refills do you offer?

Currently, we offer refills in 500ml and 1L jars. If you'd like other sizes, please send us a note

How do I return jars?

When you put in your next order, enter in the # of jars you’d like us to pick up when we deliver the order you’re entering.

When do I need to put my jars out?
Live in a house?
Please put out your jars on your porch before 10AM on delivery day.
Live in a condo/apartment?
Please put your jars on your door before 10AM on delivery day.
For more information, visit our How It Works page.

How do I get my jar credit? 
Screenshot of an email with a yellow gift card wrapped in a red bow, instructions, and a "View gift card" button. Instructions read: Your $4.50 gift card for Less Waste Co. is active. Keep this email or write down your gift card number.

Screenshot of the gift card with instructions on how to use the code. "Here is your giftcard. #GIFTCARDCODE# Use this code at checkout to redeem your gift card. A button below in bright blue says "Start Shopping". Below the button is a QR code and a link to print.
Once we pick up your jars, we provide your jar credit on a gift card that you can use on a future purchase. The gift card will be sent to the either email or text message and is based on the contact information you gave us on checkout.

How do I use my jar credit gift card? 
Greyed out checkout screen with a cutout over the gift card code field box and a button to apply the gift card.
When you place your next order, you can add the jar credit gift card on the check out screen. 

Does the jar credit gift card reduce my minimum for free shipping?
Greyed out checkout area with two highlight boxes on the applied checkout code and the amount deducted after subtotal, shipping, and taxes.
Nope! Using gift cards does not affect your free shipping minimum.
For example if the free shipping minimum is $35, and your order is $36, even if you used your $10 gift card you would still qualify for free shipping.

I have multiple gift cards, can I use more than one? 
Greyed out checkout page with two highlight boxes over the gift card field and apply button that allows you to add multiple gift cards at once. There is already one gift card applied that is visible. The second highlight box is over the deducted gift card amount after subtotal, shipping, and taxes.
Absolutely! If you have more than one gift card you can add all of them to your order if you want.

I lost my jar credit gift card or I never received the jar credit gift card
No worries! Feel free to send an email to info@lesswaste.co and we can resend the jar credit gift card to you. We have a record of all unused jar credit gift cards assigned to your account.