How it works & Delivery zone



Choose from our selection of different products and scents. All our products are vegan, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. We are always looking to expand our inventory to provide our clients with the latest in less waste products. 

To learn more about our vendor, Oneka, check out their website:


Our delivery area *WE KEEP EXPANDING!*:
Green Zone:
(Jane St/Windemere Ave to Bloor/Danforth/Davenport to Woodbine to Lake Ontario)
- Free delivery over $35
- Flat $5 delivery fee under $35

Blue Zone:
(Dundas St. W to 427/Brown's Line)
(Hwy 400/Jane St to Steeles Ave to DVP/Woodbine to Bloor/Danforth/Davenport)
(O'Connor/St. Clair to Victoria Park Ave.)
- Flat $5 delivery fee on all orders

Map showing blue and green delivery zones.

Date & Time: Sunday between 10AM-3PM 


Returning jars from your last order

Live in a house

We’ll leave the order on your porch.

Please put out your jars on your porch before 10AM on delivery day.

Live in a condo / apartment

Give us your buzzer number, and we’ll leave your order at your door. 

Please put your jars outside your door before 10AM on delivery day.


Outside of our delivery area? We are looking to expand our delivery area though, please send us a message in the contact us form and we'll add it to our future delivery area.

Unfortunately our online store does not automatically cancel orders outside of our delivery area so we'll manually cancel these order at this time.

3. Receiving Your Jar Credit

Screenshot of checkout page with greyed out background. The jar credit entry box is highlighted on the right side of the page.

On your next order, let us know the number of jars you are returning before you checkout.

When we receive your jars back, we will send you an email with a discount code equal to your jar credit so you can use it on your next order.

4. Congrats on reducing waste!

Every refill that you purchase is one less plastic bottle in our landfill!