Shower Bundle - Cedar & Sage

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Take a deep breath and let yourself be carried away by the rich and earthy smell of the forest. The invigorating scent is an invitation to a sensory escape, making shower time a delightful ritual for hair, body and soul, naturally.

Your hair will absorb the cedar, known for its antibacterial properties, for a deep cleansing effect. The sage, known to help balance sebum production, blends with the hemlock, burdock, and nettle extracts to invigorate and stabilize. Go ahead – let the scent of the forest soothe your soul and amplify your senses.

Conscientiously formulated with essential oils and extracts from our organic wild plants that are carefully selected for their tonic, nourishing and pH balancing properties.


This shower bundle contains:

Cedar & Sage Shampoo 500ML: $10.50 + $1.50 jar deposit
Cedar & Sage Conditioner 500ML: $10.50 + $1.50 jar deposit
Cedar & Sage Shower Gel 500ML: $10.50 + $1.50 jar deposit

Deposit: Jar/pump bottle deposit will be returned on your next order

Made by: Oneka

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